YourWorkspace for Construction

Construction is a mobile, agile industry so your workspace should be too

Whether you’re at the office, workshop, picking up supplies or on-site – YourWorkspace for Construction has everything you need to plan jobs and respond when things change quickly.

Work Without Disruption

Your team can easily work without disruption from their mobile device, ensuring you can:

  • Focus on your core job with the simplest digital workspace
  • Create a task oriented workspace on any device
  • Ensure apps are visible with one glance view
  • Quickly edit information without administrative hassle or paperwork
  • Update projects on the go
  • Track project progress by the minute
  • Read and respond to emails on the fly

Stay Focused and Organised

Cloudlands’ YourWorkspace for Construction helps your team to stay focused and organised while also working safely online from any device.

Construction is an industry where deadlines are paramount and there’s lots to do. Make it easy for your team to:

  1. Keep track of tasks and schedules
  2. Record client notes and variations
  3. Sign off on jobs
  4. Update projects and review notes
  5. Access your building management software
  6. Communicate with contractors, suppliers, clients and other team members

One Place for Everything

All documents, processes and applications are united in one workspace. Boost efficiencies and remove frustrations from having to locate files and log-in to multiple applications. Your team can log in from anywhere on any device, perfect for when they need to work from home with little notice.

Easily Control Access

Role-based access means you have complete control over who has access to certain documents and applications.

Ensure team members can only view information pertinent to their role.

Make web and windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

One Glance View

Keep tasks top of mind. Provide a personalised dashboard of key information to each team member.

Help them organise their day, stay on top of appointments, emails, tasks, KPI’s and company announcements with key information displayed in one glance.

One Secure Platform

Ensure sensitive information is kept secure. The last thing you want is for confidential information to be left on site.

By keeping everything in the cloud, there’s no chance of pieces of paper being lost.

Multiple layers of security safeguards your sensitive data, with access restricted to authorised personnel.

Secure your web, windows apps, intranet and the file servers with multi factor authentication.

One Secure Sign In

Save time by logging in to all applications at once.
Add an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication on specific applications.

One Version of Truth

Bring your files together in one document app.

  • Easily and safely share and send files
  • Ensure everyone has the latest version
  • Keep track of changes with version history
  • Work on files at the same time
  • Automatically save and synchronise

One Experienced Help Desk

Cloudlands’ IT support team are highly skilled specialists.

When you call our help desk, the person who answers your call is the person who will resolve your issues on the spot.

Unlike other help desks that are typically queued and escalated through to different tiers of support, we make it easy for you to get on with your job by providing fast, efficient service.