YourWorkspace for Not For Profits

Let us take care of your IT, so you have more time to focus on your mission

Cloudlands’ YourWorkspace for Not For Profits transforms the way charities and not for profits work. This simple yet intelligent platform empowers you to work more efficiently, while saving money!

Super easy to use, employees, volunteers and supporters of all levels of IT readiness can quickly adapt.

Here’s How It Works

Provide users with precisely what they need for their role, with one log-in. Applications, documents, CRM’s are easily accessed from any device.

Because it synchronises with existing user-management portals, it is easy to manage. Better still, it’s easy to implement for every type of charity.

The interface adapts to each user’s preferences based on how they use it – whether at home, in the office, campaigning, running events or on the road. With YourWorkspace for Not For Profits you can:

  • Create an easy and enjoyable modern desktop experience
  • Deploy a workspace platform that is fully managed, always accessible and secure
  • Gain immediate control, scalability, mobility and security
  • Manage files and applications centrally, so there is one version of truth
  • Provide employees and volunteers with everything they need across all devices
  • Easily synchronise with third party systems
  • Work from any device anywhere
  • Share and work on files in real time
  • Access all documents and apps with one login

Your IT Is In Good Hands

Focus on value adding initiatives knowing your IT is in good hands. Non-profit organisations typically have a limited IT budget, as they want to channel every dollar back into their cause.

But at the same time, their needs are complex as users are mobile, include volunteers as well employees and they often rely on third-party charity platforms.

You need a workspace that caters to the needs of a wide variety of users, wherever they are. While also easily synchronising with third party systems.

Let our team of experts take care of all your IT needs with:
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Managed device operating system patches and security updates
  • System and application updates
  • Web browser access with dual-factor login
  • File, email and application management
  • User access and role management
  • Server management

One Secure Platform

Ensure sensitive information is afforded the highest level of security. Avoid information being seen by the wrong people with a highly secure platform.

Multiple layers of security safeguards your sensitive data, with access restricted to authorised personnel. Remove the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands by keeping everything in the cloud.

Secure web, windows apps, intranet and file servers with multi factor authentication.

One Secure Sign In

Save time by logging into all applications at once. Add an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication on specific applications.

One Glance View

Maximise workplace efficiencies with a super easy end-user experience.

Provide fast access to apps in one clear overview, accessible with just one login.

Create an intranet with insights in e-mail, calendar, documents, news, events, campaigns, applications and more.

One Place for Everything

All documents, processes and applications are united in one workspace.

Boost efficiencies and remove frustrations from having to locate files and log-in to multiple applications.

Your team can log in from anywhere on any device, perfect for when they need to work from home with little notice.

Easily Control Access

Role-based access means you have complete control over who has access to certain documents and applications. Ensure team members can only view information pertinent to their role. Make web and windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

One Version of Truth

Bring your documents together in one place with SharePoint and your document management solution.

  • Easily and safely share and send files
  • Ensure everyone has the latest version
  • Multiple users can work on the same documents in real time
  • Set permissions on folders and files
  • Keep track of changes with version history
  • Work on files at the same time
  • Automatically save and synchronise

Experienced Help Desk

Cloudlands’ IT support team are highly skilled specialists.

When you call our help desk, the person who answers your call is the person who will resolve your issues on the spot.

Unlike other help desks that are typically queued and escalated through to different tiers of support, we make it easy for you to get on with your job by providing fast, efficient service.