Cloud Workspace

Are you ready to create your own personalised digital workspace? Are you ready to take productivity to the next level?
Transform your business with a flexible, all-in-one digital workspace.

One Simple, Secure and Seamless Solution!

YourWorkspace by Cloudland gives you the tools you need, without all of the complexity or cost of traditional solutions. It combines emails, documents, applications and communications into one easy to use digital workspace.

Work seamlessly and securely from any device, anywhere. Create a personalised workspace that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

No more wasting time looking for files, or trying to remember passwords to different applications. You can work on documents with confidence, knowing there is one version of truth.

All-In-One Digital Workspace

  • Create an easy, enjoyable, modern workplace experience
  • Deploy a workspace platform that is fully managed, always accessible and secure
  • Gain immediate control, scalability and mobility
  • Provide multi-level security
  • Ensure every team member has precisely what they need for their role, with one log-in
  • Manage files and applications centrally, so there is one version of truth
  • Know that your security and software is always up-to-date

Let Our Team Of Experts Take Care Of All Your IT Needs With:

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Managed device operating system patches and security updates
  • System and application updates
  • Web browser access with dual-factor login
  • File, email and application management
  • User access and role management
  • Technology management

Focus on the big picture stuff knowing that your IT is in good hands

Your Workspace

Your Workspace by Cloudland delivers all the benefits of a desktop without the hassle of managing day-to-day IT tasks.

Are you responsible for managing IT in your organisation? How much time do you spend on…

  • Helping staff locate “things”
  • Resetting passwords
  • Setting up remote access
  • Updating software
  • Checking back-ups
  • Managing server space
  • Setting up devices
  • Helping staff adopt new technology

Save Time On Basic Tasks

Save time on basic tasks so you can spend more time on what really matters in your organisation. Rest easy knowing that your team can work without disruption, efficiently and seamlessly.

And if on the off chance anything does go wrong, our experienced help desk team is just a phone call away.

  • No capital expenditure outlay required
  • No need to hire IT support staff
  • No need to upgrade costly servers
  • No need to purchase, upgrade and install applications
  • No need to worry about anti-virus protection or security updates and patches

Evergreen IT – always accessible, scalable, secure and up-to-date.

Industry Solutions

What’s your ideal digital workspace? Let’s bring it to life!

At Cloudland we’ve created solutions that work specifically for your industry, so you get precisely what you need and nothing you don’t.






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