Virtual Desktop

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Virtual Desktop or Desktop as a service (DaaS) is a cloud-based desktop virtualisation service, hosted by Cloudland. So wherever you are, when you log into your desktop it’s identical to what you see when you’re at work.

Access Your Desktop From Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

We understand that in order to improve workflow, efficiency and productivity, workplaces need immediate access to applications from multiple locations and devices. With our system, wherever your employees are they can log in from any laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device and have complete access to the same workspace.

Our team manage all back-end resources, such as desktop storage, computing and networking, including the virtual cloud machines that run the desktop operating systems.

We stream the virtual desktops to end-user devices, allowing access to desktops and applications anywhere, any time.

Cloudlands’ Virtual Desktop provides the utmost data protection possible. All data is SSL protected and data transfer is fully encrypted. Data is never stored on the device; so even if you lose your PC, phone, or tablet your data will never be compromised.

Why is a Virtual Desktop Important?

Virtual Desktops or Desktop as a Service is a great alternative for small and medium-sized businesses looking to provide their employees with the advantages of a virtual desktop-style infrastructure without the prohibitive costs of an in-house Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).


Desktop as a Service is important to small businesses for many reasons.
By adopting this technology you can:

The virtual desktops offered through DaaS allow employees to login to any desktop or laptop device (and in some cases even mobile devices) and access their desktop. If something urgent crops up, your team is more likely to take care of it straight away, rather than if they had to go back into the office to do so.

Personal computers don’t actually work as hard as they do with traditional applications because the device does less work. The machines you have will last longer – It’s a fact!

Buying licenses and installing applications are things of the past. You can save on the upfront costs of software with DaaS. Moreover, you can cover the cost of your software and IT infrastructure requirements with one monthly subscription plan.

Paying only for what you use means if your employee numbers go down, you can reduce your cloud costs rapidly. Furthermore, if you have rapid expansion, even for a short campaign, you can minimise costs by paying only for the services you use for that period of time.

While the personal computer was a very good invention, it essentially resulted in the decentralisation of data. Each machine and data was separate.

Even with a company server, data can become duplicated. Files and documents are revised and not copied to each other. Centralised data allows for greater administrative control, not to mention the flexibility of expanding your business without expanding your business costs.

Essentially, when employees are working through DaaS, all copies of the files are still stored centrally. Sharing files, instead of emailing documents or saving them to the device, is the new norm.

This allows you to keep your files securely inside your system. Furthermore, automated and independent backup and disaster recovery should be a part of your DaaS service.

Good DaaS provided by Cloudland comes with great technical support. For example, you save time when all applications are updated compared with the traditional method of going from machine to machine.

You may even be able to reduce your IT personnel costs, or have them channel their energies into more strategic initiatives.

Many SMBs can save considerable costs by allowing employees to work offsite, recruit new employees nationally and internationally – especially during an expansion. New employees can even use their own devices because any device and operating system is compatible with DaaS.
Backing up daily work and copying over to a company server is unnecessary with DaaS from Cloudland.