Beautifully Simple Workspaces

Work on any device in any location with one login for quick and easy access.

Everything you need to work in one place – your own personalised workspace.

How Much Time and Money Does Your Team Waste Due To Technology Inefficiencies?

Trying to locate documents, logging into different applications, waiting for them to load, resetting passwords… lost time is frustrating and costly!

Increase Productivity With One Powerful Solution

Make it easy for your team to work productively with all of their apps, contacts, documents, emails, and intranet at their fingertips. Create customisable workspaces for each employee, tailored to their role.


One Simple, Secure and Seamless Solution!

Create Your Perfect Workspace In Minutes

No need to learn a new system, or to upgrade and invest in new applications. It doesn’t matter if you’re using legacy software or the latest, everything can be integrated. Simply bring across all your existing applications, but in a way that maximises efficiencies!

Declutter & Personalise To
Each Role

Get exactly what you need with a workspace that automatically adapts to every role, location, device and browser. This way you can be sure that applications and information are available to each team member in the right way, at the right moment.

One Secure Sign In - Any Device, Anywhere

Save time by logging in to all applications at once. Add an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication on specific applications. Ensure team members only have access to the applications and information pertinent to their role.

One Place For Processes, Reports and Communications

Always accessible. Easy to use Simplified and brought together in one secure workspace.

One Place for Documents and Applications

All documents and applications are united in one workspace. Boost efficiencies and remove frustrations from having to locate files and log-in to multiple applications. Your team can log in from anywhere on any device, perfect for when they need to work from home with little notice.

One Glance Dashboard View

Provide a personalised dashboard of key information to each team member. Organise your day effortlessly and keep your finger on the pulse with an overview of important information. Keep on top of appointments, emails, tasks, KPI’s and company announcements with key information displayed in one glance.

One Version Control

Stay in control of information with simplified and secure document management. Easily and safely share and send files, set permissions on folders and files, as well as keep track of changes with version history. Work on files at the same time, and automatically save and synchronise.

One Intranet to Create, Connect and Collaborate

Create an intranet in minutes. Bring teams together with integrated social features like feeds, chat, contacts, surveys, achievements and announcements. And we’re just getting started….

Customise Your Workspace Per Individual Or Group

Cloudlands’ YourWorkspace boosts productivity and simplifies your teams working day by providing a role based customised workspace. 

Easily manage e-mail, documents and all of your business applications and processes from one central starting point. The intuitive user-interface provides structure and simplicity, which increases the productivity of your employees.

and we’re just getting started…

Case Studies

Citrix Case Study

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Westbury Stud

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